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Frequenty Asked Questions

Every sale is different and will be handled

according to the needs/requirements of the estate

What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is the liquidation of ones possessions within the home. You could be relocating, downsizing, moved into an assisted living facility (or similar), divorcing, someone passed away, or a number of other situations.  All items for sale are cleaned, photographed, staged, priced, marketed, and sold.  The “public” is invited into the home to buy the assets of the estate.  This is the most viable method for getting rid of  the items in an estate at one time with little to no effort from the client.

Why should I choose to hire you?

      * voted top liquidation company in Texas & Nationwide both in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

      * pride in our setup

      * do everything we can to sell as much as we can for you

      * No additional fees, no upfront costs, no minimums

      * make the home smell fresh

      * free goodies for the kiddos

      * fun and games as well

Do you have any special requirements of the estate itself before taking a sale?

      * a copy of any legal documents which authorize you to dispose of the contents (if applicable)

      * disconnect gas/water for any appliances which are to be sold

      * homeowner’s insurance to be current and in place throughout the sale process

      * furnace and air conditioner must be in working order before we begin work

      * water, gas, and electricity must be turned on and kept on throughout the sale process

Do you sell automobiles and motorcycles?

      * Absolutely!

What if we still live in the home?

     *we may increase our commission percentage if we can begin

     *percentage will increase by 5% for every day we are unable to begin up to a total of 100%

     *may reschedule the sale (at an additional 10% commission)

     *may cancel the sale (termination fee will apply)

May I be present for the sale itself?

      * prefer clients not be present during the sale

      * can drop in to see how things are going

Do you clean the home after a sale?

      * pick up our mess

      * no windows, baseboards, dusting, additional trash, etc


What do you do in case of inclement weather?

      * usually this is not an issue

      * we may re-schedule or add another day to your sale accordingly (no cost)


Should I wait until my home has sold before I have you conduct my sale?

      * No

      * many potential buyers come through during a sale


What should I do to get ready for a sale?

      * DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY other than any actual TRASH. 

      * get all your legal “ducks in a row.” 

      * show us any and all items you do not want us to sell before we sign a contract

      * remove items not to be sold or secure them in a predetermined area


How much do you charge to look at an estate?

      * NOTHING


Do I even have enough for you to conduct an estate sale?

      * no sale is too big or too small

      * we may bring items to draw more traffic


What experience do you have running an Estate Sale?

      * Paula grew up helping her mother run her brick and mortar business since she was 5y old

      * Paula learned to turn trash into treasure from her father since she was 8y old.

      * staff sees what an item can be and what it once was (everything can have more than one purpose)

      * staff has a lifetime of experience in antiques, pricing, research, customer service, and more.  

      * Paula and staff have all worked retail and know how to handle and barter with customers


What is your commission percentage?

      * Industry standard in the DFW area ranges anywhere from 35% - 45%

      * includes: labor, cleaning, staging, sale days, credit card fees, acquiring cleanout if needed, advertising, other associated tasks


What Services do you offer?

      * do everything for you regarding the sale until we clean up afterwards.

      * go through every nook and cranny, open everything

      * evaluate all items for appropriate pricing in many different ways (online, experience, demand, etc)

      * stage your belongings in the most appealing way

      * bring in our own supplies in order to make everything aesthetically pleasing

      * clean the premises (within reason) to present a clean and safe site

      * make the home warm and light up every corner

      * bring in our own items to peek interest in your sale

      * restage during the sale as needed

      * advertise your sale as early as possible to include photos through several online avenues

      * keep open communication with clients throughout the process

      * mail you an invoice and payment.


What kind of staffing do you offer during the set up process?

      * one to three people setting up

      * bring in close friends and family members to help in the process if needed.


What kind of staffing do you offer during the sale days?

      * one person for each available space of the sale


How do you price items?

      * keep in mind our 50% off day
      * use several online avenues as well as outside professionals if needed

      * experience

      * demand for items

      * condition of items


Do you offer security during the sale?

      * we do not feel this to be necessary in most cases

      * if client requests security, we can oblige, at the client’s expense

      * one way in and one way out

      * place small/high dollar items by the register


How long does it normally take to prepare for a sale?

      * usually request a minimum of approximately two weeks

      * can be less (or more) depending on size of the estate and how much preparation is required

      * prepped a sale in as little as 3d

      * will be discussed on a case by case basis.


How many days will the sale run?

      * a two to three day sale to begin on Thursday or Friday depending on location

      * if warranted, can hold a Clearance day sale which would include Sunday

      * if large enough, may recommend a two weekend sale

      * we may alter the days in which the sale will run


Do you sell any items prior to the sale days?

      * occasionally if best for the estate

      * we do not sell anything we have advertised prior to the sale.

Who will be responsible for acquiring the appropriate permits to hold the sale?

      * we will acquire the needed permits

      * the client confirms any guidelines from the HOA.


How do you advertise?


      * company Facebook page

      * Twitter

      * Instagram

      * Craig’s List

      * Pinterest

      * YouTube

      * company website


      * any available yard sale listing sites

      * Facebook sale groups we can.

      * Paula's and staff's personal facebook pages as well


Who pays for advertising?

      * we cover all costs for advertising


What happens to the items once the sale is over?

      * we will do our best to find a suitable solution within the seven (7) business day grace period after the sale if needed

      * unsold items  are the responsibility of the client afterwards

      * contacts available to help facilitate the remaining liquidation


Will there be any upfront costs?

      * not at all

      * we cover all costs up through the end of the contract

      * additional fees (if any) will be discussed with you immediately and can be taken from the estate proceeds (which shows separately on the invoice)

      * preliminary trash/debris removal may be required which may require up front payment if in excess


When can I expect payment once the sale is over?

      * we ask for seven (7) business days

      * generally have payment in the client’s hand by the following weekend.

What forms of payment do you accept?

      * all credit/debit cards

      * cash

Is there a contract?

      * Yes

      * a legal and binding contract will be signed by both parties

      * copy provided if requested


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